Course Prep

One of the major projects that I’m working on is updating and modifying the course that I teach. Some of my research notes will reflect this work at updating my courses and contain notes for courses that I currently teach.

Course Prep Research

History and Memory

I’ve always been interested in how we, collectively, remember things. Why do we focus on George Washington and the cherry tree, but until recently, forget about Alexander Hamilton beyond his unfortunate duel. This area, which some thoughts drawn from archival thinking, will be the focus of my dissertation in some form or fashion.


As an archivist, I’m very interested in how archives function and have impact in the world. I’m really interested in the following topics.

  • law and archives
  • records management and open government
  • frameworks for archival apprasial

Archives Related Research

Data Curation and Wrangling

I’m working with a group on effective data wrangling in archives. This is a new research area that will hopefully be exciting and interesting.

Data Curation Research

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