Presentation to CIMS Advisor Board on MAS Program
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Presentation to CIMS Advisor Board on MAS Program



Points to Cover

  • Program Overview
  • Student Preparation
  • Market and Business Case
  • Going Forward
    • Undergraduate Program
    • Graduate Certificates

Program Overview

  • Traditional Theory and Practice Meet Electronic Records
  • Discuss how we ground our program in traditional archival and records management practice but connect those ideas to modern digital records.

From Pages to Petabytes**

  • 36 credit hours
    • Similar to other programs and designed for those who work and are career focused
  • Exclusively online
    • Courses are real time and ascyn
    • Explain how this helps the students learn
  • Pedagogy focuses on Practical Experiences
    • Case Studies and hands on activities
    • Working students are encouraged to use their organizations for class assignments

Student Preparation

Mention RM and Archival careers

  • Thinking systematically, holistically about the archival enterprise
    • Practical Education and assignments that focus on practice
    • Connection to Academy of Certified archivist exam
    • emphasis on digital prepares students for new challenges with records.
  • Strategic planning and actively implementing tactics to goals
    • Emphasis on planning and assessment of the archival endeavor
  • Use of professional judgment in the practical application of theory and principles.
    • Critical thinking
    • Acknowledge that theory doesn’t always work in reality and learning how to deal with reality


  • Business
    • ARChives and RM (Sun Trust and Chick-a-fila)
  • Cultural Memory Institutions
    • Troup County, Emory, Kennesaw
  • Governmental Agencies and Organizations

Job Market

  • 7% growing for archivist
  • 8% growth for records managers

Business and MAS

Archives and Records Management help organizations demonstrate their company values and commitments to their customers, share holder, and other publics.

  • Talk about what organizations attempt to do. Use sustainability as an example of how businesses can use RM and archives
  • Intellectual property management

Business Need and Case

Growing need for information professionals who understand the creation, use and disposition of electronic records.

  • Information professional understand records, their creation and how to manage them efficiently and effectively
  • Understand the value of records and how that value helps the organizations they work with

Going Forward

  • Undergraduate Programs
    • Archives and Records Management Minors (jobs case for RM)
  • Graduate Certificates (Attract students who don’t want or need a full Master degree)
    • Records Management
    • Digital Archives


CIMS Board Meeting Prep Notes

Joshua Kitchens

Joshua Kitchens
Joshua Kitchens is an archivist, history phd student and beer nerd. These are his research notes

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