Purpose of this Site

I recently realized that my digital house was not in good order. I have some many tools with data, research notes, annotated journal articles, etc scattered across the interwebs. It was time to consolidate some of the services I used and wrangle my digital life.

A major part of that digital life are my research notes. I have half finished thoughts, annotations, citation, hand written notes in a wide range of technological tools. Most of them reside in Evernote, which I’ve recently fallen out of love with due some software bloat and pricing changes.


  • Storage and organizational system for my research and course prep
    • Uses broad categories to organizes notes by major topic/project
    • Uses tags to demonstrate relationships between notes similar to how I used Evernote
  • Allows for open sharing of my research with a creative commons license.
  • Functions as a light weight site that uses minimal server resources because notes are static html that were built through jekyll. Larger files are offloaded to google drive where access can be granted or restricted based on issues with copyright.
  • Site workflows will allow me to create notes on the go
    • handwritten notes can be stored in google photos and linked to notes
    • pdf and other external content can be linked
  • Notes print nicely
  • Will have search functionality (one day…)

Research Process


For me, research is as much deciding how to set up a workflow that will lead. As you see in the image below, I’ve thought about the work for journal-workflow

Technology is the medium